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About Pate Enterprises

Hi, my name is Mitzi Pate and I am the owner of Pate Enterprises. Pate Enterprises is an affiliate program housing several companies including Hutton Chase, OX Publishing, Connect Student Loan, and Credit Builder Card.

My husband, Joel Pate, and I built OX Publishing and Hutton Chase in an effort to assist those consumers that face difficult credit challenges after facing our own financial difficulty. My husband has since passed away, but my team and I have continued to build on this foundation adding additional consumer friendly programs.

It has always been and will continue to be my goal to offer the best consumer advocate programs with a compassionate, respectful customer service department. Allow us to assist your consumers rebuild their credit or check out our student loan program.

I look forward to working with you!

Mitzi Pate

Help your clients establish a line of credit for items they will actually use with a Hutton Chase Department Store line of credit.
Guaranteed Approval
$1,500 Line of Credit
0% Interest for Members
No Application Denied For Bad Credit
Reports on Equifax
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Help your clients establish a large unsecured line of credit for the purchase of thousands of merchandise items on the website.
$2,500 Unsecured Line of Credit
0% Interest for 6 Months
No Membership Dues
No Fees or Interest Charged
Reports to Equifax
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Help Your Clients Build Positive Credit!

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SmartCredit® Credit Monitoring

Start earning money on your clients credit monitoring with SmartCredit®. Credit Reports, Money Manager, and Instant Alerts with Insurance if something happens.

Money Manager

All your online banking in one place.

Smart Credit Report®

A simple and innovative way to view your credit report.

Alerts & Insurance

Get $1 million identity fraud insurance for your whole family.
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